Come on, mother. Recognize How to Overcome Nasal Congestion in Infants

Overcoming nasal congestion in infants can indeed make parents panic. Because the baby can only be fussy without knowing the discomfort he feels himself. At a time like this, you are required to remain calm and do several ways to overcome them. Nasal congestion does not merely occur due to a buildup of nasal fluid or snot in the baby's nose. This happens because during a cold, the nasal passages, blood vessels, and adjacent nasal tissue are swollen. The condition of the nose like this is what makes babies difficult to breathe and become very fussy. The reason is, he doesn't know what he should do, but his nose feels uncomfortable. In their first year, babies will usually be more susceptible to colds or flu. This happens because the immune system has not been formed properly, so that it is easy to be infected with a virus that attacks the throat and nose. Colds are characterized by the appearance of snot and nasal congestion. Apart from infection, exposure to pollution and c
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